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Connect with expert professionals for rewarding freelance jobs. Skilled professionals
or business, we offer seamless experiences for freelance projects in India.

Fulfilment by Obillia

Power your projects with freelancers, without the worry & hassle.

Enjoy our fulfilment services built for small & young businesses, hand-picked service providers with a relationship manager to make your project come alive effortlessly.

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Find the right people for the right projects

Redefine freelancing in India with Obillia. Outsource projects, hire freelancers, and build results that drive growth and value for you. Our easy-to-use freelance platform helps you connect with top freelancers; get the right people for you, right here.

Receive GST invoices for all projects and make freelancing easily compliant

Come on-board and explore opportunities in the world of freelancing as we push to build one of the best freelancing sites for you.

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Why work with freelancers in obillia?

Work with talent across India

Connect with expert service professionals in India and bring down costs by choosing freelancing.

Bring your business ideas alive

Freelance solutions to make your business come to life Easy, Fast & Convenient

Unique Project Workspaces

Ensure smooth project communication, tracking & delivery of freelance work online

Safe, Secure & Compliant

Outsource, hire & collaborate with a freelancer on-demand with total security for your data, payments & more.

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Discover the future of work with obillia

Find great work and level up your freelancing game. Obillia is the top Indian Freelancing Platform for Tech, Design & Marketing Freelancers. Get approached by clients or work with Obillia Fulfilment and get paid securely and on time.

Share, collaborate, deliver and track payments through the one stop workspaces built for unique projects and make client management hassle-free.

Bring Your Own Clients and make your freelancer business soar high. Decide when, where and how to work.

Why Choose Obillia for Your Freelance Journey?

Timely Payouts

Clients pay upfront for guaranteed on-time payouts using our top-tier automated payment system.

Custom Quotes

Embrace project and client individuality. Custom quotes with milestone-based pricing for each unique project & client.

Project Workspaces

Accept payments, track milestones, chat in real-time, & deliver work for seamless collaboration through unique workspaces.

Automated Invoicing

Enjoy what you love to do. We make sure everything works for you, including hassle-free GST Invoicing for your clients.


Bring Your Own Clients to Obillia & improve your customer relationships. Your client will have the same experience as any other client on obillia

Cross Collaboration

Work with other sellers on the platform and execute inspiring projects or hire a seller to create amazing projects.

Have a Business Idea but don’t know where to start?

Talk to us for a free consultation

Obillia’s mission is to grow entrepreneurship and freelancing in India. With our in house consultants, we help aspiring next gen entrepreneurs to make their ideas a reality. We help you register, establish, execute and form your business. Our network of freelancers will also help you make your business go digital with ease.