About Obillia

Obillia is the one-stop platform for the present and future of remote, contract and freelance work in India for digital and on-site on-demand professional services. Our mission is to build a comprehensive freelance marketplace in India by providing a solid, trustworthy, and secure platform for clients and sellers
Whether you're a freelancer or an agency, Obillia is the perfect platform to monetise your skills, find new clients, and grow your career

  • Verified Sellers
  • Personalized workspace
  • Complete invoicing solution
  • Secure payments

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Why Obillia?

We strive to simplify the virtual services industry in India by giving clients instant access to a pan-India talent pool and freelancers the opportunity to work with a wide network of clients. With easy to use to workspaces, invoicing, protected payments and many more features, Obillia comes packed with solutions to make freelancers' and clients’ jobs easier. Whether you are looking to outsource for project-based work or remote contract jobs or need a freelancer to support your in-house team, we make hiring freelancers easy.

Our Priority - User Satisfaction

Obillia values feedback from all the users and is committed to continuously improving to create a better experience for everyone

As self-employed creative individuals, freelancers and/or agencies in India, challenges are plenty, Obillia is committed to converting these challenges into opportunities for users to grow and stand out, whether it's through adding new features, improving existing ones, or addressing any issues that may arise.

One of the key focus at Obillia is our commitment to social responsibility. We believe in creating opportunities for people from all backgrounds and socioeconomic levels. Obillia is a level playing field for freelancers/sellers to showcase their skills, regardless of their education or work experience.