Client FAQ's

Sign Up and Account Set Up

You can sign-up as an “I’m a Client” by clicking the sign-up button on the top right of the homepage. You will receive a verification link to your registered email.

No, Obillia does not support Social Login as of now.

Yes, Obillia currently is for Indian Clients & Businesses only.

Yes, you can add your company or business details. You can represent your business as an employee.

Yes, you can add the GST number of your business to claim Input Credit. All invoices in Obillia with any seller will always be GST invoices.

Privacy and Account Usage

Yes, you can. Go to Privacy & Security to make deactivate your account temporarily.

a. How do I delete my account?

Currently, you cannot permanently delete your account, you can keep it deactivated until you wish.

Yes, your mobile number is required to receive payments and send important information. Your number will not be used for promotions, sharing or sending irrelevant information.

Obillia does contact its users for multiple reasons, however, only does so if necessary. Our primary source of communication will be via email.

Obillia uses your data to constantly improve the performance of the site and learn patterns to make obillia more accessible to you. Your Data are compliant with global standards and are not sold, made public or shared with anyone unless required by law.

No one from obillia will ask for your account credentials, if you encounter someone requesting your login credentials as a representative of please write to us at or send a message via the Contact Us Page.

Only your Name and Location will be made public to users. All other information provided at Verification and bank details will remain private and only shared if required by law.

No, you cannot create multiple accounts. However, creating a Seller Account entitles you to all the features of a client as well. If you created a Client Account, we are working on solutions to convert it to a seller account, if you need to currently change your account type, please write to us at

Please write to us at or via the Contact Us Page.

Yes, you can update your bank details, location, business details (if any), and address after registration.

Working with Sellers and Contracts

From the “Browse Services” section in your dashboard.

Each Seller Service Page you see has a message or contact button through which you can initiate chat.

Chat with Sellers to better discuss the order scope and then request them to send a contract after discussion.

You can if absolutely necessary send meeting links or receive them to discuss the project scope in detail. However, any meetings that are used as a tool to circumvent the policies of Obillia are violations and when found can lead to account suspension or legal action.

Contracts are a simple tool sent by Sellers in the chat to you which contains all the details regarding the project, including description, timeline, milestones, and pricing.

When you receive a contract, 18% GST is automatically added to the cost entered by the seller to accommodate the GST value.

You will have the option to accept or reject a contract while viewing the contract sent in the Chat.

You can reject the sent contract and request changes via chat that can be accommodated by the Seller.

Using the Workspace and Payments

The Workspace is the complete tool that opens exclusively for each unique contract and project for the seller and client in Obillia to commence, track, engage and complete a project.

When a contract is accepted by a Client.

Milestone Tracker, Chat, File Delivery System, Help and Cancellation Request System, Order Info, and Project Progress Indicator.

The client will have to fund the first milestone amount in advance through the “Add Funds” button in the Milestone Tracker for the respective milestone. These funds are held with Obillia until that milestone is approved by the client. All payments are secured via leading payment software.

You will have to pre-fund a project with Obillia to ensure a payment guarantee for your Seller. This amount you add will be held with Obillia until you approve the milestones, if you reject and cancel an order the particular milestone(s) amount will be refunded to you.

No, there are no service charges while making a payment. However, a payment processing fee may be levied by the payment gateway providers. This will be shown to you while making the payment.

The seller is discouraged from starting to work before any payments have been made. Obillia or the Client will not be responsible to reimburse or make any promise if a Seller starts to work before confirmation that funds are added.

We do not encourage any virtual or in-person meetings for online jobs, however, if is absolutely necessary to continue or complete the project, it is allowed. Any meetings used to circumvent Obillia’s ToS can be a violation.

The chat system in the workspace is a new space and old chats can still be accessed via chat in the dashboard. The chat in the Workspace allows more seamless communication regarding the project.

In the Milestone Tracker, by clicking Add Files button. The Add Files button will only be activated if the respective milestone has been funded.

When you view files from the Milestone Tracker you will be able to accept or reject the delivery. Please ensure it is complete, correct and authentic. Once approved payment will be released to Seller and cannot be returned.

You can share small files up to 10MB via chat. Both Seller and Client can send files via chat to discuss more project details. Ensure that personal details are not shared.

You can reject the files shared by the seller and request re-work via chat, this needs to be mutually agreed upon and performed in good faith for a smooth experience for both users. If there are any issues, they can be notified via Help in the Workspace.

Yes, there is an Edit Button available for both client and seller below the milestone tracker. It has to be mutually agreed by both parties to activate. Either user can initiate the request and the other has to confirm it in the Workspace. For faster resolution send messages to the user regarding the action taken.

In the event of additional work or modifications to pricing or work scope, an additional milestone can be created by mutual agreement. A Request Milestone Button is available for both client and seller below the milestone tracker. It has to be mutually agreed by both parties to activate. Either user can initiate the request and the other has to confirm it in the Workspace. For faster resolution send messages to the user regarding the action taken.

Yes, once the project is completed and approved you will be able to rate and write a review of your experience with the Seller.


Yes, all invoices in Obillia are GST Invoices.

18% for all services listed.

Invoices are raised to you automatically after approval of ongoing milestones and or project.

You can find your invoice in the invoice section in the sidebar

You can contact us via regarding the same.