General FAQ's

Obillia is the one-stop platform for the present and future of remote, contract and freelance work in India for digital and on-site on-demand professional services. Our mission is to build a comprehensive freelance marketplace in India by providing a solid, trustworthy, and secure platform for clients and sellers. Whether you're a freelancer or an agency, Obillia is the perfect platform to monetise your skills, find new clients, and grow your career

Obillia’s Services are currently categorised into 8 main categories- Graphics & Design, Video & Animation, Audio & Music, Photography, Writing, Marketing, Tech & Business.

Businesses can use obillia to outsource talent from across India for various projects or bring in temporary freelancers to assist with projects within the company. Obillia is an economical alternative to full-time employees, hiring expensive local agencies, and finding local freelancers and talent through expensive sources.

Obillia is for anyone who wishes to create, collaborate and deliver amazing projects in India. We encourage skill-based freelancing with complete solutions built to support Indian Freelancers. Obillia is also a place for content creators, artistic professionals, businesses, startups and more to find talent to assist and collaborate with projects.

No, Obillia is a freelancing platform, so you can only avail or provide services as a service provider in Obillia and through Obillia for which invoices and payment receipts are issued. Hiring under a business payroll is not allowed.

Yes absolutely, Obillia allows for Onsite Freelance Services as well, for example, Photography, Videography services require 100% Onsite availability. However, contracts, payments and file-sharing have to be through the platform to ensure the safety of users, guarantee payments and dispute resolution. If any user is found to be circumventing the policies, it will be marked as a violation and lead to suspension or legal action.