How does obillia work for Clients?

Post a Job and hire a service provider.

Once you sign in, you can post a job and accept applications or invite suggested candidates to apply. You can chat with the sellers who have applied and request a contract proposal via chat.

Browse through freelancer profiles.

If you want to find the best-suited talent for your project, you can browse through services based on category, find the best partner, open a chat, and discuss with them your scope, timeline and budget. Request for a contract proposal and get working.

Services for your budget.

A startup or a large media house? Doesn't matter, find quality service providers for your budget.

Get GST invoices always.

Are you finding it difficult to receive GST invoices while working with freelancers, with Obillia, you are always sure to get invoices that are GST-compliant.

Safe payments.

When you fund a milestone/project to activate the order, Obillia does not release the payment to the seller until you approve the delivered milestone/project. In milestone contracts, you only pay for the milestone coming up.

All-in-one workspace.

Gone are the days you needed to engage with your freelancer via email, messaging apps, storage solutions etc. With the workspace in Obillia built for efficiency, you will be able to stay in touch with your freelancer and be updated in real-time.

Partner or Bundled services.

Obillia works with certain exclusive partner agencies or individuals in certain categories, these partners are vetted thoroughly, have a great track record and usually have a team of their own. Obillia will get in touch with your request and set up a meeting with the partners for you to discuss your scope. For services that require the service of multiple freelancers from multiple categories, please get in touch by clicking the "Need Bundled Services" tab and filling out the form, our team will get in touch with you, understand your scope and pick the best sellers for your requirements. Once you approved, the project commences with all the freelancers in one place.