How does obillia work for Sellers?

Create your profile.

Build your profile with an engaging bio and portfolio with images and videos that help clients make easier decisions. Don't forget to add your skills, work history, education and most importantly your photo to your profile. Each service you list can act as an independent profile, so make sure all of them stand out.

Bring your own client.

Do you work with clients externally? Bring them to Obillia at no platform fee for a limited number of monthly credits. Just fill in the basic details of your client and send an application via your dashboard. Once they accept, you can have them directly in your chat, send them a contract and commence your project.

Find ways to earn.

In Obillia you can work in different ways, apply to jobs, get invited to job posts by clients, or be contacted by a client via chat. Once you are selected, send them a contract through chat and your project workspace opens. No fixed prices for projects, and no fixed hourly rates. You decide what you bill.

Working with other sellers.

As a seller, you might seek services from fellow sellers in the platform, at Obillia you as a seller can post jobs, message other sellers and receive contracts. Working with other sellers helps you to add value to your offerings by outsourcing your requirements or creating collaborated projects.

Using the workspace.

Obillia automatically creates workspaces for each contract accepted. Engage, share, track, deliver and monitor your projects. Share files up to 20GB*.


All invoices to clients in Obillia are automated and GST-compliant. We understand the struggle of freelancers in India in terms of invoicing. You only have to do what you love in Obillia.

Get paid securely.

Get paid to your Indian Bank account directly. Our payment protection releases client payments at project milestones approvals. No hourly projects. Our platform fees are applicable and so are any taxes and applicable government deductions. Spend less time chasing what you are owed, and focus on what you love.

Creating contracts

You can send contracts to your clients or sellers wishing to collaborate with you through chat. Click on the contract creation icon and fill in the details.
The contract will show you a breakdown of the total cost and what is owed to you. You will be able to fix the prices accordingly
The amount you enter will be exclusive of GST, but inclusive of platform fees or any other charges.

How do payments work?

All invoices to clients are automated by Obillia based on the milestones and/or projects. As a freelancer not registered under GST you agree to self-billing invoices at Obillia that will raise invoices on your behalf to Obillia, you can use these invoices and bank statements for tax purposes.

When and How do I get paid?

Obillia only supports bank transfers to Indian accounts now. You will be paid within 14 days of the deadline day of your milestone/project based on approval by the client.

What are the charges at payouts?

Remember to always check the breakdown of payouts while you create a contract. You will be shown what you are owed while creating your contract. Obillia charges a platform fee while on Free or Extra Plan. No platform fees in Obillia Plus. Read more about subscription plans here.

*any payment processing fee or payout charges will be levied as applicable