We thank you and appreciate your availing of services with us. Please read the policy, conditions and process carefully. They will give you important information and guidelines about your rights and obligations as our Customer concerning any service you avail from us. The policy concerning refund and cancellation requests shall follow clauses     :



1.      Obillia does not refund any amount marked as paid out to Freelancers. However, Obillia will assist Clients in getting in touch with Freelancers. If freelancers agree to refund the amount they have received, they can refund it routed through Obillia against cancellation of the Invoice.    

2.      The Company reserves the right to deny any refund requests and suspend the account of any customer who is found to have made more than three consecutive cancellations and/or charge a cancellation fee as it deems fit.

3.      No returns. However, cancellation of projects is allowed under mutual agreement, through requests or automatically.     .

4.      The process takes seven days from raising a request until the release of refund payments if approved by the freelancer.    

5.      Refunds are processed to the source account within seven days of cancellation confirmation. In case of cancellation, after an invoice has been raised, conditions vary depending on the situation.     .



1.     Cancellation by mutual agreement when both Freelancer and Client agree to cancel the project and it will be a partial refund only.               

2.     Cancellation due to delay in Freelancer delivery, if the Freelancer has delayed the delivery of milestone and/or project by 30 hours or above it is shown as cancelled. The amount will be refunded to the client. Freelancers can request for extension of deadlines in this case.     .

3.     Cancellation requests are generally not entertained after approval of a milestone or project. However, in certain circumstances, Clients can contact the Dispute Centre for valid and unexpected issues in their order within six days of approval/completion.    

4.     If client/clients are late in responding to the delivered milestone/project within 48 hours of the deadline day. In that case, the milestone/project is marked as complete, and the amount will be paid to the seller/freelancer immediately. Their project will be marked as cancelled.

5.     No dispute requests are entertained post 14 days from the date of final delivery.


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