Seller FAQ's

Sign-Up and Account Set Up.

You can sign-up as an “I’m a Seller” (Freelancer) by clicking on the sign-up button on the top right of the homepage. You will receive a verification link to your registered email.

No, currently Obillia does not support Social Logins

Yes, you can list up to 4 different services you offer for free. To List more services, please look at our subscription plans.

The age limit to join Obillia is 18 Years. You will need to have a PAN Card to join.

  • - Aadhar Card
  • - PAN Number and PAN Card
  • - A Photo
  • - Your Phone Number
  • - Your Address
  • - Your Bank Details for payouts

PAN is required for Obillia to accurately file TDS, which you can claim through ITR

No. You are free to join obillia with no education or work experience, you are free to show off your skills at obillia. However, if you do possess qualifications and experience, we encourage you to mention them to make your services more attractive.

Yes, Obillia currently is for Indian sellers only

You click on the My Services title card in your dashboard and click on Add a Service button to create a service,

Please note to keep your service page media and info authentic, attractive and engaging. Poor Quality Services are usually ignored by clients. Also, note not to add copied or fake information to your service.

Your services will be activated immediately, however, we constantly monitor the services of Sellers to ensure poor quality, illegal, unethical and violated services are removed or suspended.

You can add links to your service page description. However, links to social media are discouraged and could be informed to be removed.

While agreeing to our ToS you are entering into a proposalual relationship as a vendor to Obillia who is not registered under GST.

Currently, Obillia does not have a provision to onboard GST sellers to the platform directly. However, we are working on onboarding GST sellers soon. You can write to us at if you are a GST seller to know more.

Privacy and Account Usage

Yes, you can. Go to Privacy & Security to make deactivate your account temporarily.

Currently, you cannot permanently delete your account, you can keep it deactivated until you wish.

Obillia does contact its users for multiple reasons, however, only does so if necessary. Our primary source of communication will be via email.

Any form of sharing personal information like phone numbers, email IDs, addresses etc unless for the absolute necessity of the completion of the project is marked as violation as per Terms of Service. Any information used to circumvent Obillia’s policies will be a violation.

Obillia uses your data to constantly improve the performance of the site and learn patterns to make obillia more accessible to you. Your Data are compliant with global standards and are not sold, made public or shared with anyone unless required by law.

No one from obillia will ask for your account credentials, if you encounter someone requesting your login credentials as a representative of please write to us at or send a message via the Contact Us Page.

Only your Name and Location will be made public to users. All other information provided at Verification and bank details will remain private and only shared if required by law.

No, you cannot create multiple accounts. However, creating a Seller Account entitles you to all the features of a client as well. If you created a Client Account, we are working on solutions to convert it to a seller account, if you need to currently change your account type, please write to us at

Please write to us at or via the Contact Us Page.

Yes, you can update your bank details, location, business details (if any), and address after registration.

Proposals, Milestones and GST

proposals are a tool to initiate a project in Obillia. A project can only be created if a proposal is sent by the seller and accepted by the client.

Go to the respective chat of your client, on the top right you can see “Create proposal” Click on it and fill in the fields requested.

Yes, you have to send proposals even for Clients who are invited by you. proposals in Obillia are the very step to starting an order. Only when a proposal is accepted does a Project Workspace open.

Yes, you can add terms and descriptions that are agreed mutually in the proposal to record it.

Milestones in your proposals are a tool by which you can split your entire project into multiple pieces for your and your client’s convenience. You can also continue on a project with a single milestone, Simply just add one milestone with the total price of the project to create a single milestone project.

Once your application is received by the client, they will accept or reject your application, if accepted, you can discuss it with the client and send an appropriate proposal for the job.Milestones are recommended for projects to ensure clear project progression, manage client expectations, and mitigate risks. They break down the project into manageable phases, helping freelancers and clients track progress and identify potential issues early. By setting specific deliverables and deadlines for each milestone, freelancers can showcase their progress and gain client trust. Additionally, milestones provide a basis for payment schedules, reducing payment disputes. They promote effective communication, allowing freelancers and clients to align their visions and make necessary adjustments throughout the project. Ultimately, milestones enhance project organization, accountability, and overall success in the freelance work relationship.

The minimum for a milestone is INR 3000. This means if your total project costs less than INR 6,000, let’s say INR 1000, you cannot create multiple milestones.

You can create up to 10 milestones, however, we recommend containing the number of milestones to 5 for better and seamless project progression.

Yes. Your first milestone can be 20% of the total and your Second could be 40% and so on.

Yes, the client can reject the proposal and message you to make changes

Currently, you can edit a proposal sent, but you can create a new one similarly.

You will be notified in your chat with the client that your proposal is rejected. You can discuss with your clients to find the reasons and reach an agreement.

The right time to send a proposal is after you have thoroughly discussed your project scope with the client and agreed on chat, specific core details like pricing, milestones, idea and timeline. You can use that as a reference to create a proposal.

Yes, it is mandatory for a Project to commence because a Workspace opens only when a proposal is accepted by the client.

You can text your client in Obillia about it and request the client to reject the earlier sent proposal. If they have accepted it you can discuss and cancel the Workspace and send a new one.

A project Workspace opens which is unique to that specific proposal and project with the client.

You cannot modify once accepted, however as mentioned above, you can discuss with your client any changes and cancel the Workspace and send a new proposal via chat.

The GST amount of 18% will be added to your total proposal value when shown to the client. Let us say, you put the total proposal value as INR 10,000 your client will be shown a value of INR 10,000 + 1800= INR 11,800. This 18% will be mandatorily included to ensure GST compliance.

18% for all services listed.

Obillia does not require the sellers to collect GST from the client. Obillia invoices the client and the client pays the respective Invoice amount with GST to Obillia which will be filed monthly compliant with all GST requirements by Obillia.

Obillia collects GST as Obillia is registered under GST as an e-commerce operator and service aggregator in India. Also, GST helps clients claim input credit, which individual freelancers may not be able to provide, thus making it easy for clients to comply with their GST needs.

No, sellers do not have any access to include or exclude GST as it is automatically applied to your proposal value.

GST amount is always added above your proposal value, the proposal amount quoted by Sellers is exclusive of GST. Thus platform fees are only applied on the Exclusive GST amount, if you quote INR 10,000, your platform fees are calculated only on INR 10,000 and not INR 11,800.

Your proposal Value - Platform Fees (according to subscription plans) = Final Payout TDS is applicable will be deducted while you receive payouts, and will not be shown in the proposal.

No, Obillia undertakes the responsibility of filing GST for all projects carried out in Obillia.

At the bottom of your proposal, you will be able to see your expected final payout for the project after successful completion.

Using the Workspace

The Workspace is the complete tool that opens exclusively for each unique proposal and project for the seller and client in Obillia to commence, track, engage and complete a project.

When a proposal is accepted by a Client

Milestone Tracker, Chat, File Delivery System, Help and Cancellation Request System, Order Info, and Project Progress Indicator.

The client will have to fund the first milestone amount in advance through the “Add Funds” button in the Milestone Tracker for the respective milestone. These funds are held with Obillia until that milestone is approved by the client.

The seller is discouraged from starting to work before any payments have been made. Obillia or the Client will not be responsible to reimburse or make any promise if a Seller starts to work before confirmation that funds are added.

We do not encourage any virtual or in-person meetings for online jobs, however, if is absolutely necessary to continue or complete the project, it is allowed. Any meetings used to circumvent Obillia’s ToS can be a violation.

The chat system in the workspace is a new space and old chats can still be accessed via chat in the dashboard. The chat in the Workspace allows more seamless communication regarding the project.

a. How many workspaces can I open each month?

Depending on your Subscription Plans. Please refer to the “Plan” Title Card in your dashboard to see your current plan details.

Depending on your Subscription Plans. Please refer to the “Plan” Title Card in your dashboard to see your current plan details. The limit is for all files combined in the entire project and not a single file. You can use any cloud storage solution to send files if your limit is exhausted.

You can copy and paste any link to a cloud storage solution that you use like DropBox, Google Drive etc, to share delivered files. There’s a space to paste your link in the “Add Files” box, please ensure you only share it there for the client to be able to approve your work.

In the Milestone Tracker, by clicking Add Files button. The Add Files button will only be activated if the respective milestone has been funded.

It is solely your responsibility to ensure that files are shared when sending a link. If the issue is with direct file delivery from the Workspace you can contact us from the Help Button in the Workspace.

Currently no.

Your file share limit is per Workspace and not as a whole. So if you’re under a Free Plan you will get 5GB per workspace. You can avail of more storage when upgrading to a higher plan.

You can share small files up to 10MB via chat. Both Seller and Client can send files via chat to discuss more project details. Ensure that personal details are not shared.

The Client will be notified in the Milestone Tracker and can download or view the files and approve or reject them accordingly.

The client can reject the files you shared and request you to re-work via chat, this needs to be mutually agreed upon and performed in good faith for a smooth experience for both users. If there are any issues, they can be notified via Help in the Workspace.

You can replace it until a client takes action on the files.

Yes, there is an Edit Button available for both client and seller below the milestone tracker. It has to be mutually agreed by both parties to activate. Either user can initiate the request and the other has to confirm it in the Workspace. For faster resolution send messages to the user regarding the action taken.

In the event of additional work or modifications to pricing or work scope, an additional milestone can be created by mutual agreement. A Request Milestone Button is available for both client and seller below the milestone tracker. It has to be mutually agreed by both parties to activate. Either user can initiate the request and the other has to confirm it in the Workspace. For faster resolution send messages to the user regarding the action taken.

Yes, once the project is completed and approved clients will be able to rate and write a review of their experience with you.

The ratings of all your services are shown in your profile and also impact your visibility. The higher the ratings the more chances of being discovered.

Invoicing & Payment Receipts

You will not have to raise an invoice in Obillia, all invoices in obillia are automated and sent directly to clients as invoiced by Obillia.

Invoices are raised to your client after approval of ongoing milestones and or project.

No, you will not receive any invoice copy. However, for your income tax or any other purpose, a payment receipt will be sent to you by Obillia.

No. All invoices are sent directly by Obillia

No. All invoices are issued under Obillia’s name, thus the responsibility of invoicing and filing GST is under Obillia.

All sellers in Obillia enter into a proposalual relationship as service providers. Thus Obillia issues Payment Receipts in return for all services provided by the Sellers. Obillia then issues appropriate invoices to clients that are GST-compliant.


You can request the client to contact us at, since Sellers do not have the responsibility over invoicing.

Invoicing a Client Directly is disallowed any marked as violations in Obillia. Clients are required to make payments through Obillia which triggers automated invoices.

You will be sent a Payment Receipt from Obillia when payouts are made to you.

You will receive your payments within 14 days post-approval of milestones and/or projects.

TDS will be applied based on your total value of services rendered in Obillia. Obillia files TDS on time against your PAN which you can claim if available while filing your Income Tax.

No, you cannot raise any invoices to Obillia. For your accounting and administrative purposes you will receive Payment Receipts, which can be used as a reference. If needed you can create invoices for your own purposes, but Obillia will not acknowledge or accept the invoice or make payments against it.

Working with other Sellers

Yes, simply post a job or browse services. You can check the Client FAQ for more on posting jobs and browsing services

No, as a seller you can find and work with other sellers with the same account.

Connections are the number of messages you can send to other sellers in Obillia.

You can outsource your work or collaborate on creative projects while working with other sellers. For example, you can get an order from a client for a complete web development project and you as a seller can outsource parts of your work to another seller. Bear in mind you will be responsible for the quality and delivery since the client entrusts you with the project. You can outsource another seller only to support you under your terms.

When the Workspace opens you will be able to “Add Funds” from the Milestone Tracker.

Chat with them regarding the scope of the project and send a proposal accordingly.

The person providing the service will have to create and send the proposal.

Yes, all payment terms will be the same as working with a client account.

Platform fees, Charges, and Subscriptions

The Free Plan charges are 10%, for Extra Plan it is 5% and for Plus it is 0%.

Obillia charges a platform fee to maintain all the resources and services provided to you including storage, invoicing, payment systems etc.

Currently, there are no charges from Obillia. However, the Payout Processing fee may be levied while making a bank transfer and any TDS that needs to be deducted may be applied.

The Higher Subscription Plans lets you work with lowered platform fees, the total charges you pay to Obillia are decreased by paying a small fee upfront. You also get higher storage per Workspace, more connections, job application credits and more. Read about the Subscription Plans at Obillia by clicking here.